You’re here to make living your dream fucking life a goddamn reality. And you’re ready to take your business by the balls and make it happen right fucking now.

And THAT. 

That looks a hell of a lot like:

🔥 Having a business that supports YOUR lifestyle, fuck living to work, you’re working to LIVE, and that work – it’s F U N.

🔥 Being crystal clear on your boundaries with your clients, your business and mate, yourself. You know what you want and how to have it, boundaries stop it from becoming an afterthought.

🔥 Becoming one of those annoying fucking people who loves the fuck out of yourself and the life you get to live. Pinching yourself, because this looks a hell of a lot like the life you dreamed of living.

🔥 Feeling free, truly free to run the business of your dreams. You’re attracting your dream clients and your business continues to THRIVE, with ease. Showing up is fun and more importantly than that, so does switching the fuck off. Hello alignment. You feel goooooooooooooood.

You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are fucking ready for what’s next!


It’s no coincidence you’re here and frankly, I’m fucking stoked that you are. 

You are exactly where you need to be to do just that.

Transform your fucking life and do it, fast. 


It won’t be easy, but you’re not here for easy.

You’re here for life changing

It will involve completely blowing up life as you currently know it

And creating a whole new future to walk on into.





Here's what you get

🥳 Fortnightly 1:1 zoom calls

🥳 Weekly 1:1 voxer support

🥳 Weekly email support

🥳 Access to content library and all online trainings

The 3 months starts from your initial call. 


1:1 Zoom Calls 

30 – 60 min fortnightly strategy session 

Together, you and I will create your dream fucking life.

Yep YOUR dream life. 

Then we’re going to look at your biz and see how that fits into it

And if it doesn’t we will tweak it until it does. 

Then each fortnight we will work together to build a strategy so that this dream life of yours, gets to be a mother fucking reality and tackle anything that pops up along the way. 

Hello ULTIMATE accountability, motivation and the Inso you need to change shit up in the BEST kind of way



Monday – Friday I’ll be on call in your back pocket for WHATEVER you need. Mate, I’m here for it all. 

Need a peptalk? I got you. 

Got something to bounce off someone? Me, bounce it off aMEe. 

Life kicking you in the dick? Together we will kick it back. 

Life, business, whatever the fuck it is I’ve got you. 


content library access

Need a hand getting the fuck out of your way to go be awesome.

I got you in the form of pep talks, guest interviews and masterclasses and a fuck load of trainings.

You can binge watch them, jump on in and take what you need or even join some live if you’re up for it. Choice is yours homie.

So tell me are you fucking IN? Like ALL FUCKING IN?





"Umm... I mean, who goes into any program and walks out as a politician. Haha! For someone playing small to go fuck it, I'm standing in front of my district and preachin' truth...

​I always walked through my day feeling like something was missing. Like my direction was way off. NOW I walk through my days ON purpose, WITH purpose and FOR a purpose. I am so much clearer and focused than I’ve ever been.

Now I have the freedom to stand up and be the person I was born to be. EVEN though it’s extremely uncomfortable… it’s bloody exhilarating.

​Amee literally changed everything for me.

How I saw myself, how I saw my life, how I saw parenting, how I saw living. I wasn’t clear on my direction, something huge was missing.

​She got me out of my own way so I could see everything so much clearer and uncovered the courage that I already had, she just lit it up!

And there was no beating around the bush, no long rabbles. It was a straight to the point, hardcore, move your arse kind of course. 20 out of 10 would recommend.”



You’ll get out of this what you put in. I will give you everything you need but YOU have to become the type of person who follows through, who shows the fuck up for themselves and by doing this you become the person who people in the street throw their wallets at because they can NOT wait to get a bit of you and what YOU do, regardless of whatever the fuck that is. I’ve designed EVERYTHING in this program to help you BE this person, but I can’t do it for you.


If you’re looking for someone to tell you you’re doing a good job and politely make suggestions, then you should abort fucking mission immediately.

I mean it! Close this page down and walk the fuck away because I am NOT for you. I am blunt. I have no filter and zero desire to sugar coat any-fucking-thing. Ever.

I am direct and I WILL motivate you to get shit fucking done in a way that makes you feel fucking invincible.

You’ll probs hate me a little bit, ok a fucking lot, but just know I’ve got your fucking back through this no matter what and I am going to show up for you knowing that you’re capable of amazing shit, even if you don’t see that… yet.


"I actually found my voice..."

What I actually got out of 3 months with Amee was so much more valuable than just content. I actually found my voice. (one moment please,  Amee here, know what else she got? LESS clients but same money, more sleep and more fam time, I’ll let you do the math there ok back to Michelle!)

What I got from 3 months on purpose was learning to trust in myself, my knowledge, my biz. Amee gave me little exercises to help focus on what it was I had to do and to also make myself a priority. She also helped me cut a lot of the noise, got me to move out of my way and got me to face some pretty big fears that I’d been burying for some time. I’m still on some of that journey, but I’m so much better for it now, the self-doubt is still there, but I seem to move through it quicker, and most importantly…

I have one non-negotiable that when all hell breaks loose, it brings me back to centre and I start again. Minus the BS.

So a massive thank you Amee, it wasn’t the content I was expecting to write, but it’s so much better. I’ve come out of my little shell and you’ve definitely helped me turn my biz life around, especially as a Mum in biz. I know it was all sort of there to begin with, but you were that little beacon of clarity and purpose in amongst that noisy fog.