5 things every new business needs to know


Since starting this version of my business in 2019 and doing everything the hard way I feel qualified enough to sit you down and share with you these 3 THINGS I fucking wish someone told me back then.


Thing 1 👉🏼 There is no race and nothing is on fire. You do not need to rush, you will fucking get there.

Learning to surrender and just let shit fucking go when it’s not working is going to be








Instead of pushing shit up a hill because (you think) it’s the quickest way to get there, take a minute, breathe, have some space, your creative flow and energy will return and your business won’t disappear while you do.


Yep right now. Life is happening now, not later when you hit your goals or have your first 5 figure month.

Thank me later


Thing 2 👉🏼 FUCK what everyone else is doing. Seriously. Fuck them. Who cares.

You comparing yourself is destroying you and it makes you blend into the crowd. Booooring.

Your greatest asset is that you are you, the end. If you can’t stop comparing, mute them on the socials, unsubscribe from their email list, our them off.

You can like people and still mute them. In fact go and mute every single person you compare yourself to right now. Off you go then return for thing 3.


Thing 3 👉🏼 Just be your-fucking-self. The minute you stop trying to be like everyone else and do what they’re doing even though it works so well for them.

It’s a waste of time and is in the way of you making money. You get to run your business your way. It’s great that other ways work for other people.

You are not them. If you want to be magnetic it’s the ONLY way.

Prove me wrong, I dare you.


Thing 4 👉🏼 Impact first.

What difference do YOU make in peoples lives?

Let that drive you.

Master that and you my friend are UNSTOPPABLE.

I know you’re doing this to make money and for some of you, like me back then and even now, you need it for survival – your business is the only way but put it the side.

The need for money, the focus on your lack of it and instead deliver the goods, the money will come as a result – promise.


Thing 5 👉🏼  You can run your business however the fuck you want.

Getting clear on the lifestyle you want to live first is key.

There are so many different ways to run a business, so many different ways to offer your product or services. There is no one way of doing things. Lots of people teach that but that’s because that’s how they built theirs.

If you’re looking for goals or inspo or someone to learn from look for someone that’s living the lifestyle you want to live.

The answer isn’t always having to sacrifice the life you want for there short term, maybe a compromise is required here and there but if you’re looking for time freedom to spend having more holidays or filling your days with other shit 1:1’s probs aren’t the way to go for you, maybe explore group programs, events or workshops instead. You can still have maximum impact doing shit your way.


Ultimately, there are no rules – you get to make the rules.

What works for some, won’t work for others, as long as you know the impact you’re out to have and the life you want to live, the rest is just a game of Tetris of trying what fits to get you closer to where you want to be.


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