Nothing is going to change, unless you do.

Annoying, I know

But mate – it’s fucking time. 

Going through the motions,


You’re better than that, 

even if you don’t see it yet.

I do and I will continue to hold that for you, until you believe it too.

Your dreams won’t bring themselves to life.

It’s up to you to do that

It’ll involve fucking off the idea that everything keeps happening to you and instead, putting on your big girl pants and making everything happen FOR you. 

Because if you don’t,

noone else is going to do it for you.


So, ask yourself…

Will you keep doing what you’re doing? Living how you’re currently living? Or, are you sick of your own shit and ready to, you know, just casually, TRANSFORM YOUR FUCKING LIFE

and if it’s the latter then mate, you’re exactly where you need to be!


You’re here to make living your dream fucking life a goddamn reality. And you’re ready to take your business by the balls and make it happen right fucking now.

And THAT. 

That looks a hell of a lot like:

🔥 Having a business that supports YOUR lifestyle, fuck living to work, you’re working to LIVE, and that work – it’s F U N.

🔥 Being crystal clear on your boundaries with your clients, your business and mate, yourself. You know what you want and how to have it, boundaries stop it from becoming an afterthought.

🔥 Becoming one of those annoying fucking people who loves the fuck out of yourself and the life you get to live. Pinching yourself, because you can NOT believe this is your reality. Every. Single. Day

🔥 Feeling free, truly free to run the business of your dreams. You’re attracting your dream clients and your business continues to THRIVE, with ease. Showing up is fun and more importantly than that, so does switching the fuck off. Hello alignment. You feel goooooooooooooood.




Yeah mate, A LIFE, not a business. 

The business part supports the life part. 

It enhances it, 

adds to it. 


We’ve been doing it wrong, this whole time.
Awkward. I know.

Getting clear on what exactly that looks like for you and creating it based on where you’re at with what’ve got right fucking now

It’s how you get to make decisions with ease and a fuckload of clarity. 

How else will you ensure YOU get to wake up every day feeling content, fulfilled and happy?

You know I’m all about building a business and having big ass biz goals but if we’re being honest, it’s the LIFE stuff that’s the real MVP here. 


On your deathbed, you’re not going to look back and be the happiest about 

how hard you worked 


those deadlines you never missed 


how goddamn on point your spelling and grammar always was. 



If you get really honest with yourself what REALLY matters are the people you love, 

the moments filled with laughter and joy, 

the memories of doing ballsy things, 

the people you got to spend time with to create those memories and just living hard out, as you. 

Unapologetically your fucking self. 

Don’t wait until your final moments to look back and reflect on the what-ifs or could have-beens. 

Live them now


And when your time is up, know that you’re going out having really, truly lived.

Not just worked, really fucking hard. 

And wanna know the kicker?

Once you get clear on what this looks like and start to make it your reality, your business will catch up too, and work can start to look a lot like this:


🙌 Having ‘less’ work to do but making more money

🙌 Launching a podcast, an online program, a training school or writing a book. You know, that thing that you've always wanted to do deep down but decided you couldn't. Yeah that!

🙌 Quitting your fucking job and working your own hours in your biz, comfortably.

🙌 Alter your relationship with money so it feels fun and you know damn well that you deserve to make a fuckload of it, so you do and you’re ok with that

🙌 Finding and owning your voice. Speaking your mother fucking truth. Taking up space that’s rightfully yours and refusing to accept anything less than you damn well know you’re worth

🙌 Setting up a business that is you, fuck the boring shit off, flip your industry on it’s head by showing up as you are in all your fucking glory

🙌 Taking radical responsibility for ALL that you are, what you do, the impact you have with zero apologies required (sorry will be completely eradicated from your life not joking), no time for excuses you’ll be too busy living your fuck yes life to worry about pleasing other people.

🙌 Fall madly in love with your life, the one YOU get to wake up and live every single day

🙌 Having time out with your kids, friends, family and being fully fucking present without your never ending to-do list judgmentally looming over you. Because when you ARE working you’re so fucking productive and intentional that your spare time? Well, that shit is in abundance.

Wanna know what it takes to get YOU and your business to HERE?


Here’s what…


During this 6 month program we’re going to redefine life as you know it

I’m talking about the kind of life where 


I’m 100% here for YOU having all of the above. And I’m definitely here for it involving sunset beers. 



I don’t have time for that and YOU sure as fuck don’t have time for that. I’m here to get YOU to have a life that you get to say FUCK YES to, on the reg.

That’s why this program has been designed and created to get YOU out of your own fucking way so you can…

Get lit the fuck up by yourself (and your business) and FINALLY radiate confidence, self-belief and fuckloads of TRUST in yourself and what you’re up to.

And frankly, the real reason you’re here and what I’m so fucking here for, is this:

You’ll learn – like REALLY fucking learn




Here's what you get

🤩 Deep dive questionnaire

🤩 Weekly pep talks

🤩 Weekly office hours

🤩 Fortnightly LIVE group calls

🤩 Intimate business strategy sessions

🤩 Business trainings

🤩 Mindset trainings

🤩 Resource library

🤩 Fun & supportive community

The program kicks off mid August 2022



To understand YOU, your biz, why you do it and the impact you wanna have on yourself, your brand and others and because I wanna know who the fuck you are and what gives you life! 

More importantly I wanna get those wheels turning so you start thinking about it because, mate, this is YOUR time to shine.



The ultimate pep talk delivered every Monday to pep you up to have the BEST week of your goddamn life and help you work through whatever shit is currently in your way. Listen to it one time, listen to it fifty times. It’s YOUR pep talk.


Each fortnight one of 12 instrumental trainings in how to have YOUR FUCK YES life will drop, a few days later  we’ll get the band together to talk about what it looks like for you and how to implement it in YOUR life. 

During each call I will go round and you will get the opportunity for hot seat coaching with me to work through the training together. 

You can bring a question to the call or just sit and watch, listening and learning from other people experiences. So much magic will happen here, just you wait. 



Because we’re not here to fuck spiders, we’re here to create a fucking empire! But one where your business works smarter, not harder. In these live and recorded trainings you will learn the nitty gritty details that will create a stand out business that you love working in. 

Topics like but not limited to: writing copy people actually want to read, pricing your shit, managing your money, lead magnet creating, social media strategies, Pinterest and like so much more…


Mindset is important and when you’re creating A Fuck yes life of your very own it’s an integral part.

They won’t one easy but they will be rewarding as fuck and before you know it, it’ll be something you do without even trying. 

Everything will become possible and life as you know it, won’t exist. HOW FUN IS THAT



For an hour each week I’ll be sitting on a zoom call waiting for you to come and hit me with whatever questions, problems or personalised pep talk demands you’ve got. Maybe you need a hand getting started on a task or project you can’t make yourself do. Feedback on copy, emails, websites you name it during this hour I am ALL YOURS!! Whatever it is mate I’m here for it. 


Each month you’ll be given a resource or 2 to pull on to support you over your 6 month journey. 

Books/podcasts/youtube videos!!


That’s right you’re not in it this alone, nope. You’ll be in it together with a bunch of legends who are up to the same kind of shit you are. What a fucking relief hey!


So tell me are you fucking IN? Like ALL FUCKING IN?

MATE, KIND OF BUT I NEED A LITTLE MORE ASSURANCE – yeah cool, I get it please hit the button below to where I have anticipated your obstacles and solved them for you. You’re welcome.


"Umm... I mean, who goes into any program and walks out as a politician. Haha! For someone playing small to go fuck it, I'm standing in front of my district and preachin' truth...

I always walked through my day feeling like something was missing. Like my direction was way off. NOW I walk through my days ON purpose, WITH purpose and FOR a purpose. I am so much clearer and focused than I’ve ever been.

Now I have the freedom to stand up and be the person I was born to be. EVEN though it’s extremely uncomfortable… it’s bloody exhilarating.

Amee literally changed everything for me.

How I saw myself, how I saw my life, how I saw parenting, how I saw living. I wasn’t clear on my direction, something huge was missing.

She got me out of my own way so I could see everything so much clearer and uncovered the courage that I already had, she just lit it up!

And there was no beating around the bush, no long rabbles. It was a straight to the point, hardcore, move your arse kind of course. 20 out of 10 would recommend.”


PS you can watch her LIVE chat with me on instagram about her experience here



Spend SIX months with me and I’ll show you EXACTLY HOW to live out your dreams, whether you’ve got them neatly pinned to your vision board or don’t even know what the fuck they are, you just know it’s not “this”.

 If you’re stuck in the how shit ‘should’ go so much you’re just not making it happen, we’ll fix that too.

And if you thought you had it all worked out, but somehow lost it and can’t recapture it, mate, I’ve got you covered.


6 MONTHS of YOU making sure you live YOUR FUCK YES LIFE.

It’s your ONLY life, so best we create it with YOU in mind.


We’ll work together one on one to bring YOU to life, destroy the shoulds and musts, and start again on your terms, doing shit that makes YOU happy (and money).

Big call? Maybe. But it’s kind of my super power.


Not all heroes wear capes.

My super power is uncovering what it is that lights your soul on fire and turning it into something you get paid for. Getting you out of your own way so that you can get busy living YOUR FUCK YES life.


A complete fucking transformation. Together we will completely fucking blow up how you look at the world, your life and business. Don’t worry, it wasn’t fucking real anyway. Then once you’ve finished questioning life as you know it we will rebuild it. It’ll be unrecognisable in the sense of anything and everything will now be possible for you. But more than that, you’ll know how to make shit happen- how you want it to. In every single area of your life. The kind of results money really can’t buy, thats all. 


Do you want big results or OK results? Answer that question and there’s your fucking answer.


I don’t think I’m ready right now. I’ll just wait till the next one and spend the next few months ‘getting ready’.

Ok mate, let’s get real for a second. What do you want your life to look like this time next year.  Like go nuts – if you could have anything or be anywhere, where would you be, what would you be doing, and what would your LIFE look like?

Together, that could be a reality by (probs well before) the end of the 6 months, so OCTOBER 2022.


you can spend that time getting ready and be pretty much where you are right now. That’s up to you


You know what mate, you deserve to have a life you can’t wait to wake up every fucking day to live.

You deserve an abundance of ALL THE THINGS. Of time, money, energy, customers and a mother-fucking abundance of self fucking worth! You know how I know? Because you’re here, reading this right now which tells me you know that you’re destined for something more than how you’re feeling right now.

If you show up prepared to do the work I fucking KNOW that together we’ll make that happen, in fact by the end of the program you’ll be wondering why the fuck it was so cheap!


You’ll get out of this what you put in. I will give you everything you need but YOU have to become the type of person who follows through, who shows the fuck up for themselves and by doing this you become the person who people in the street throw their wallets at because they can NOT wait to get a bit of you and what YOU do, regardless of whatever the fuck that is. I’ve designed EVERYTHING in this program to help you BE this person, but I can’t do it for you.


If you’re looking for someone to tell you you’re doing a good job and politely make suggestions, then you should abort fucking mission immediately.

I mean it! Close this page down and walk the fuck away because I am NOT for you. I am blunt. I have no filter and zero desire to sugar coat any-fucking-thing. Ever.

I am direct and I WILL motivate you to get shit fucking done in a way that makes you feel fucking invincible.

You’ll probs hate me a little bit, ok a fucking lot, but just know I’ve got your fucking back through this no matter what and I am going to show up for you knowing that you’re capable of amazing shit, even if you don’t see that… yet.



"I actually found my voice..."

What I actually got out of 3 months with Amee was so much more valuable than just content. I actually found my voice. (one moment please,  Amee here, know what else she got? LESS clients but same money, more sleep and more fam time, I’ll let you do the math there ok back to Michelle!)

What I got from 3 months on purpose was learning to trust in myself, my knowledge, my biz. Amee gave me little exercises to help focus on what it was I had to do and to also make myself a priority. She also helped me cut a lot of the noise, got me to move out of my way and got me to face some pretty big fears that I’d been burying for some time. I’m still on some of that journey, but I’m so much better for it now, the self-doubt is still there, but I seem to move through it quicker, and most importantly…

I have one non-negotiable that when all hell breaks loose, it brings me back to centre and I start again. Minus the BS.

So a massive thank you Amee, it wasn’t the content I was expecting to write, but it’s so much better. I’ve come out of my little shell and you’ve definitely helped me turn my biz life around, especially as a Mum in biz. I know it was all sort of there to begin with, but you were that little beacon of clarity and purpose in amongst that noisy fog.


PS You can watch Michelle’s live chat with me about her 3 month experience here




"I wanted to FEEL life again..."

You see I was one of those people who was always saying stuff like, ‘next year it will get easier, when the kids are older’. Or when the kids are at full time school, I will think about what I want to do. 
I was living a life of other people’s goals and on other people’s timelines. 
I was doing life, I was not feeling life. 
On the outside it looked like I had a ‘good’ secure job. The reality was everyday was a struggle and I always felt like I had to prove myself after I had returned from maternity leave. 
I was exhausted. 
I invested in your program because I knew that you would keep it real, and after the workshop I attended made me really think about my goals and what I wanted my life to feel like. 
Then take those steps to make it a reality. 
In the last 3 months, I have been able to really define my goals and my values and what makes me happy. All this has been possible with you and the amazing group of women who were on this journey with me. 
Every check in, every workshop, every group call, focussed on doing the work to set a business up to reflect what you want for life. Amee the way you hold space and call out all the bullshit it just what I needed. You are a Super Star showing up each day, reminding us all that life is short and you need to hold it with two hands.
I have learnt so much and I feel so lucky to have done this growth with you. 
Though it was not clear in the beginning, I can now see that leaving my job is the best thing for me and the only way forward. 
The women in the 3 month program were amazing, sometimes you really need to surround yourself with people who are experiencing the same change as you are. We cried, we laughed and we shared our wins and how scared we were at times. We were able to do this because of you Amee. The guests that presented in the program were amazing. Every workshop just re-enforces that going back to what you really want to feel in life is what we should be doing every single day.  

Taking the first step can feel hard, but in reality not taking the first step is even harder. 

Thank you for sharing your story and your knowledge. 

To anyone thinking about starting or shaking up their business then Amee and her program is for you. 


Good lord, why are you still here reading?

You saw those big white or purple buttons to book one of the 10 spots, right?

YET, you’re still here.

This tells me… one of these two things is probably hitting home right now:

  1. You’re no spring chicken to the ‘self-development’ world but you’re hesitant to commit to this in case it’s not the ‘right’ thing.
  2. Or maybe you know shit needs to change, but you’re not sure if you wanna go all in yet…
If either of these is ringing true, you’ *might* also identify as someone who struggles to make a decision powerfully.
So… How would you like to fucking become one?
Let’s get you off that fence and into a fuck yes or a hell no!