Part 1 – Falling pregnant on a one-night-stand & life as a single mum

What I know about Motherhood & Business with Jessie Parker from Borne Too

Amee Triscari’s story reads like a Hollywood blockbuster:

She fell pregnant on a one-night-stand to a man she barely knew, she decided to become a single mum and this was just the beginning of the roller coaster that Amee found herself on.  She ended up moving states to be with another man, whom she felt would complete her family but little did she know she’d be 30-something weeks pregnant, single, alone in another state, with no money and no contingency plan for when her baby was to be born.

The thing I love about Amee is that she is so refreshingly honest.  She also swears… A LOT. So, if sweary words offend you (or you have children present) I’d probably keep that in mind when you press PLAY.

‘Why didn’t you have an abortion?’ Is something she has been asked on MANY occasions (like, even though she has a LIVE and vibrant daughter – Havana) and in this episode we cover at length, the somewhat taboo and delicate topic of pregnancy termination.  If this is something that is triggering for you, I would advise against listening to this podcast ep.

Oh, and along this crazy motherhood journey, Amee decided she wasn’t working for the man and so she founded @juicycreativeco – but that’s a WHOLE other episode (Part 2 – dropping soon!).

Thank you to Amee for being so frank and brutally honest.  I loved exploring this snippet of your story and I believe it will be inspiring for so many other women.

Don’t forget to follow Amee over on her socials @juicycreativeco where she is helping your business harness the power of PINTEREST in your marketing.

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