How to: Create a morning routine you’ll actually use

Want to know the secret to making life more fun and playful, feeling more powerful yet calm and having MORE time in your day?


It starts in the morning.

What you do when you first wake up fucking matters!!


Fuck yelling.

Fuck feeling stressed and flustered.

Fuck waking up and being go, go, go.

Get into your body, also know as your feminine energy instead – it’s way more fun


Here are some things I do, not everyday but most, to give you some inspo to start playing around and making your own. 


Please note I am a SOLO PARENT, as in it’s just me and my daughter – I cover everything, emotionally, physically and financially on my own so I speak busy fluently. I made a commitment to myself to have a better life and created one accordingly. So before you start thinking it’s easier for me – it only is because I made it that way AND YOU CAN TOO.


Excuses in the bin?


Let’s get started


Getting into your feminine is getting into receptive mode, there’s no fucking lack nope theres an abundance of everything, it’s opening your heart to recieve, to find the good, to fnd evidence that everything you want is possible and available and you’re worthy AF of getting it. There’s plenty of time, money and energy. 



If you’re into it and if you’re not then don’t. Personally I’m so not much but when I found this meditation I sure as fuck became the kind of woman that meditates, sometimes. Check out the Inner goddess meditation I am low key obsessed with here 

It does something to me, changes me. And ultimately reminds me to own who I am – all of who I am and that I’m powerful AF. It’s a good time.



There’s 2 things I do every morning, and if I skip a morning you’ll know because I’m cranky, hunched over and rushing because there’s not enough time,  money or energy or at least that’s what I”m fucking telling myself, repeatedly.  My point – don’t skip this, EVER. 


Yoga – I do a very gentle and quick youtube yoga. Yoga by Adriene Sunrise Yoga is a great one for this morning flow that is all about opening up your heart, also good if you’re hunched over a screen all day because posture. 

I have done this with Havana yelling at me, climbing all over me, doing her thing. So yeah ok some mornings it’s not peaceful but I still get it done. Just remember right now it might be hard to make it happen but the pay off is worth it, and it won’t be forever. 


Dance – moving your hips in a sensual way does so many things but mainly it wakes me up, it makes me feel sexy, powerful and like a woman not to be fucked with. So do that, every single day. To get in the mood I have a playlist and here it is for you, feel free to use this or take some songs for inspo and make your own. One song is enough! This doesn’t have to consume your entire morning, I often do it while I’m showering or doing my daily skincare and sometimes I don’t stop until every single song has played through at least once. It’s your routine to do however the fuck feels good for you. 

Wake and shake playlist.



Massage geranium oil into your breasts and heart area while you’re dancing/ doing your skincare. Either geranium, jasmine or rose. It smells fucking DIVINE plus opens your heart chakra or something like that, google it if you want more info. You smell delicious, open your heart even more and the smell, it reminds you of the bad ass that you already are.



Maste wash your fucking face, take the time to use an dapply products that make you feel amazing and glow like the goddess you are. Personally I use go-to skincare it’s my fucking fave, yeah maybe I fantastic about our skincare lord and saviour ZFB and I being besties but I promise it’s a very good time. After a lifetime of horrendously painful acne, I won’t use anything else because this brought my skin back to life and leaves it glowy and lush all fucking day – zero makeup required. It’s my daily (both am and pm) ritual and it’s a non negotiable for me ever. NOTHING Happens before I’ve done this in the morning, not a single fucking thing. Skin sorted = ready to take on the world. Don’t believe me, I’ve got two words… unclothed cognition, the end.



Bodies covered, our skin is lush now it’s time to do something for our mind. I don’t complicate this step, while I’m making her brekky and lunch I chuck my headphones on and for 9 minutes and 44 blissful seconds the voice of Esther Hicks fills my ears and minds with their morning rampage. I listen to the same thing every day and it’s how I hack my brain using the RAS to look for opportunities of how shit is working out FOR me rather than against me. Listen to it here!

Last but by no means least….


There is no better way to start your day feeling confident and powerful AF than that. 

Riding solo I have 2 accessories I use to make this happen flying solo and in case you want to invest in some too, here they are:


Now if you’re starting from scratch as in you do not have a routine at all pick 1 thing to implement now, get the hang of that then stack another one. There’s no rush, you have the rest of your life to do it. If you’re time poor and it’s new by trying to do it all you’ll set yourself up to fucking fail and we all know how triggered and end of the world-y you get when you fail so let’s not even associate our morning routine with that word. K?! Good plan!


It’s not about nailing it or getting right/perfect all the time. It’s about being habits to fall back on, to check in on when life happens and you start to spiral, yell, feel out of control. Think of this as your way to anchor in, to get out of your head and into your goddamn body where you belong. 

To focus on the right now, what’s actually happening without stressing or worrying about what’s happening next and watch your life change –

by stepping into you, ALL OF YOU, even the parts you think you “shouldn’t” be and remembering who the fuck you are and just how much you fucking DESERVE to get what you want, how you want. 


Off you go, happy morning routine-ing.


PS Mate if you want to want to level up your life and step further and really start participating in a life you wake up and get excited to live, every day then I made Become on purpose for you.



From being the most 




version of you.

One that you can tap into at any given moment.

What the fuck are you waiting for?

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