Part 2 – On Starting Her Business with 200 bucks and an iPad

What I Know About Motherhood & Business with Jessie Parker from Borne Too

How do you start a business with no money?

Amee Triscari founded @juicycreativeco with 200 bucks and an iPad.  She had NO buffer and NO contingency plan.  Oh, and she is also a single mum – her beautiful daughter the result of a one-night-stand with a guy she barely knew.

To hear more about how Amee became mum to her daughter (affectionately known as Hurricane Havana) check out PART 1 of this interview where we delve into her very JUICY (pun intended) and the hard-to-believe road to motherhood.

In this episode, Amee shares her tips on:

  • Why she decided to launch Pinterest training.
  • How joining a networking group was the catalyst to her biz success.
  • Why she never considered taking a ‘regular’ job.
  • What advice would she give someone in her position who is starting up in business,  for where to spend their money at first.
  • How she deals with ‘imposter syndrome’.
  • Why it’s so important to share your story with your customers, as a business owner.

HUGE thanks again to Amee for being so hilariously and refreshingly honest with her story.

To follow along, make sure you head over to @juicycreativeco where Amee features heavily in her insta stories.

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