Honestly, I have a love hate relationship with planning.

I hate doing it, I want to be all go with the flow, spontaneous AF and the type of gal thats up for anything. Like the idea of being that person appeals to me greatly.

Unfortunately I am not that kind of gal, not even fucking close.

I love knowing what I’m doing,

what I’m eating and when,

where I’m going and

what I’m working towards even if it’s just to cancel it all and start again when I have my next great idea that I execute instantly – like how I decided to sell all my shit and move to Mexico 2 months ago.

Without a plan,

I have no drive, the ideas don’t flow and I struggle to leave the house (or hotel currently) but

with a plan

I bounce out of bed each day,

I know what to wear and

what needs to happen

and no I don’t feel locked in or forced to do anything because if it doens’t feel good I cancel it. It’s that simple.

Wild isn’t it.

Planning is HOW I am able to have a wildly adventurous and spontaneous life.

Don’t worry, it still blows my mind and I resist it almost daily.

​I need and thrive off the structure and after working with 100’s of people I’m learning that mate, so the fuck do you.

If you feel like you’re:

🥱  stuck

🥱  unmotivated

🥱  going through the motions to get through each day or,

🥱 waiting for something, anything to happen so you know what you’re doing with your life

then mate,


​And because a good planner is obviously a helpful addition to the planning process I went ahead and MADE ONE!

Yep – there’s a My Fuck Yes Planner out in the world ready to become yours.

Here’s 5 reasons why My Fuck Yes Life planner is a really good time

It’s cute AF. Black cover with big white writing so it goes with everything.

🥳 Big A4 size and a month opens over 2 pages so you have ample room for all things.

🥳 It’s dateless so you can start today or March or whenever the fuck you want.

🥳  Each month comes with a pep talk – yep a pep talk to keep you inspired and on track

🥳 There is a section at the bottom for you to pick 3 things you’re going to make happen to focus your energy as well as a handy spot for shit to remember because Your fuck yes life planner is here for you having your shit sorted so you can get busy living your best life.

It also makes an incredibly thoughtful gift.

I know, where was I a month ago – soz.

It’s printed through Amazon and when you order it and shipped to your address so you don’t even need to put on pants to order it and it’s light so you can TAKE IT EVERYWHERE WITH YOU.



From being the most 




version of you.

One that you can tap into at any given moment.

What the fuck are you waiting for?

Chuck in your deets below for immediate access 👇👇👇👇👇