From the very second, you’re a giant FUCK YES to  A FUCK YES LIFE the program begins. 

So brace yourself because for the next three months you’re going to be on one hell of a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster of the very best kind because on the other side of it, is YOU!

To get results like these you have to show up, you have to do the work and you have to be open to letting me in to see and know ALL OF YOU. Even the bits you lock away from the rest of the world, especially those bits. 

You’ll resist at times and that’s fucking natural but by going all-in you’re agreeing to push through and do it fucking anyway. 

This program will only work if you do. 

There are no refunds and cancellations aren’t accepted once you have access to the program content. 

Well, you’ve paid, you’ve said yes, you heard something in all of this that spoke to your fucking soul and I’m not letting you run from yourself and from the work there is to do. 

Too harsh?

Maybe but the program is called A FUCK YES LIFE for a reason and I KNOW it works. 

I’m a mother fucking stand for you having it all, no matter what. 

No matter how challenging

No matter how confronting

No matter how fucking terrifying

I’m here for you.

Use me don’t run from me or yourself. 

You deserve a life you’re so disgustingly in love with. 

Yep, YOU!


Great, it’s up to YOU to make sure the payment is able to come out on time. 

Get out your fucking calendar and schedule that shit in, because they’re coming and if you miss a payment there’s a $100 fee involved for it having to be chased up. 

Shit happens, cards get lost etc I totally get that, however it’s your job to be in communication with me. 

Also, I don’t want to say this but it needs to be said.

You can’t go and plagiarise my shit and you abso-fucking-lutely can not copy and share my shit as your own. 

Interpret it through your own eyes, get out and have a play in real life with it, experiment and make it your own sure, but copying isn’t cool.

This content is over 10 years worth of learnings and knowledge plus thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve spent acquiring it all. Don’t be a dick, yeah?


Any probs – get in touch at holler@ameetriscari.com