This is a monthly membership, you can cancel until 7 days prior to the payment date for the next month. 

To cancel email holler@ameetriscari.com.

1:1’s booked in person may be subject to change, you will be notified by email if there is a location change or it will now be held on zoom. To reschedule your selected time you can do so through Calendly via the confirmation you will receive. 

There is an absolute zero tolerance on any form of selling to other members, discrimination, rude remarks or bullying of any kind in this membership and I, Amee Triscari reserve the right to remove you from the membership at any time should any of the above occur.

If you are purchasing 1 of 10 foundational memberships this will be the price for the entire duration you’re in the membership, if you leave and then rejoin you will be rejoining at the price on offer at that time, the foundational membership will no longer apply.