The importance of connecting to your why

The How I Do Content Podcast with Tahryn Bolt

A few months ago my friend Tahryn called me with some big news.
A bombshell even.
My favourite introvert was dropping a
PODCAST of her very own
After picking my jaw back up off the ground after she told me
I immediately demanded she interview me on it – like immediately
Rudely she said I’d have to wait but that she would in fact allow it this one time.
Thank fuck she did because I spat out some pure fucking gold during it.
I forget what exactly but the minute we wrapped up I was like
“Tahryn – that was like, so fucking powerful”
and she agreed, well at least I think she did
She was hard to hear over the ginormous size of my head by that stage.
Obviously you’re dying to hear it already and you can do that over πŸ‘‰πŸΌ…/how-i-do…/id1566077173…
It’s adequately named The Importance of Connecting To Your Why
and if you thought this is where I wrap my post
this is where you’d be wrong
​because I have MUCH to say on this topic
that far exceeds the short hour I was allocated on the podcast
In this podcast I don’t actually think I even got to my well rehearsed paragraph of my actual why
and that’s for 2 reasons
1- I never prepare for interviews and just speak what’s on my heart, so who fucking knows what’s going to come out of my mouth 🀣
2- because there are so many factors that go into my why, like so many
Now a carefully curated why is fucking great, sure
But here’s what’s MORE IMPORTANT
Knowing WHY you get out of bed everyday,
Knowing what really matters to you
and what the life you want to live looks like
Because without that – what’s even the point
and with that it’ll keep you in check
it’ll create a base,
a home
a way to ground you
And if you start spiraling, feeling shit, unmotivated and just downright miserable
you’ll be able to come home
come back to your why
and check in and ask yourself honestly
“If this is really what you want you to be doing?”
From there it’s a fuck yes or it’s a no.
Making decisions gets to be that simple
and your why
your why keeps you on track,
on purpose
and constantly creating a life that YOU get to say fuck yes to.
How fun is that πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ



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