What gives me the AUDACITY to never quit

Do you know the story of why I started a business and what gave me the audacity to not give up and instead pivot (more than once) to make it work,





Outrageous, slip into something comfy because whilst I’m totally biased and not sorry about it, this story,

it’s my fave!

For some context, I chose to become a single mum.

I knew when I decided to go ahead with my pregnancy that I would be doing it alone and at the time I was knee deep in a NWM company, isagenix.

Sold and fully invested in the dream that I could in fact become a millionaire.
Needless to say I did not give birth a millionaire.

Quite the opposite in fact.

I was $27k in debt, renting a room in a sharehouse having just quit my job of 4 weeks a wine rep, that’s a story for another day.

I had a small window of 5 months where I could survive without financial stress and adapt to life with my number one homie. When that time was up, it was time to get into mother fucking action.

I looked at my options and after trolling seek had NO idea how the fuck I was going to re-enter the workforce, pay for childcare and come out on top no matter how many ways I worked the numbers. I rang my sister, she trailblazed the way having had her first baby at 19 and 3 months after he was born was a single mum. She informed me that yep she did it and had to rack up 10s of thousands of dollars of debt in doing so. I shit you not.

The path for Single Mums, regardless of how many times you’ve heard we pop out kids so we never have to work again, isn’t an easy one – not at all.

Determined not to be another statistic The Birth Squad was born. I saw a huge gap in the market for new Mums having been one myself, knew my strength (events) and decided that this would be my path, the solution to everything. And look, the birth squad was fucking incredible. What I created and built on my own with a baby was nothing short of remarkable, however I could not for the life of me work out how to make it scalable and profitable no matter how many different avenues I explored.

So after a heartbreaking, failed attempt to relocate north to escape winter I was back in Perth reassesing my options, knowing that I was onto something with the birth squad but it wasn’t quite it.

You kow what though?! I had learnt so damn much during this time, particularly about online business and programs, how to market them, how to use social media to grow your business and even how to do my own graphic design and website builds!

Not for a second did I look at it like I failed, rather I had discovered something remarkable, I just had to figure out how to make it work around my life and current situation.

I got a job in a pub, doing marketing and events – it lasted for all of 4 months.

Whilst they were accommodating around Havana the constant phone calls and politics (old white men ?) were a fucking nightmare and complete with sleep deprivation it was not the life for me.

Back to the drawing board I went.

I started freelancing, writing blogs, managing socials and running the booth at expos for a wedding dress label. I loved it, it was back in my zone of genius but again finanically it took the edge off but wasn’t really setting us up to thrive.

Between that and centerlink I had enough for rent, bills, food and the occasional activity. That was it.

Then Havana had a cancer scare, she needed to go to a specialist and I couldn’t pay for it.

I obviously worked something out because theres zero chance my pride would get in the way of her health but that day I made a decision. I was done playing small it was time to pick a business and go all fucking in.

So I went all in, on Pinterest.

With $200 that I borrowed and an iPad because I didn’t have a laptop nor the funds to get one I created Juicy Creative Co, teaching small businesses how to use Pinterest to reach their ideal peeps via in person workshops.

I ran the workshops, even though I was terrified of public speaking and thought I was fucking terrible at it. So I worked on my mindset and told myself I was great at it, until I believed it and became it.

It took off, so fast.

Almost so fast it took my breath away and it grew into a business the could fully support us in a way I had only dreamed was possible.

The business morphed into what it is today in just over a year.

I fucked it up




but those skills I learnt during the birth squad days have kept me going and my business, the one I created through so many hours on youtube and devouring all the blogs and podcasts and trainings I could get my hands on, the thousands I later spent on business coaching and the trial and fucking error has saved my ass repeatedly.

Like in 2021 when I got asked to move out of my rental so they could sell it and couldn’t find us a new one. Even though I’d built my business up to a point where I could easily pay $100-$150 more on rent a week – it wasn’t enough. The market had sky rocketed and to even get a look in at a small apartment (I learnt after my 8th rejection) I had to somehow come up with an extra $20k a year, that was even to get my application looked at seriously.

Can you imagine if I was in a job, to all of sudden need that extra income in a short amount of time?! My only options would have been to start a business or find a second job, all of that on top of full time parenting around school hours. It was one of the lowest points in my life, I felt so broken but somehow I managed to do it.

I managed to make it happen and I got a place, after being homeless for over 2 months, even though I had NO IDEA how the fuck I was going to make the rent work on top of the bills and feed us… but I did it and within a month we were thriving, again.


With the skills and tools I had gained over the years and by being consistent in my business, I had solid foundations to lean on, resilence and a powerful mindset – all of the things that I teach and guide you through now because I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that they work and I know what it takes to build a business without support while taking care of a whole other persons every single need, on my own.

This is why I am so fucking passionate about you having a business, even if it’s a side hustle because you have a job you love.

This is why I will never stop emailing you to work with me.

This is why I will die doing this work.

It changes lives.

It provides options when it feels like there are none.

And it sets you up to have both finanical and time freedom,

The 2 most important things every single woman needs access to in my very educated opinion.

I hope you know both of those things and the life that comes with it is fully available to you too and if you’re willing I would be fucking honoured to get to be the person that not only shows you how but cheers you the fuck on while you do it.

Thats why the A Fuck Yes Life – 6 month Mastermind exists.

For you.

I go first so you don’t have to,

Amee x



From being the most 




version of you.

One that you can tap into at any given moment.

What the fuck are you waiting for?

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