You have an idea.
And it’s a great one.
You know it’s going to change shit UP

But like where the fuck do you start?
How do you speak to your dream people’s souls and get them throwing their wallets at you?

It’s SUCH a good idea but you’re a little stuck on how to execute it exactly


Working on shit by yourself is cool, sure,

BUT how much fucking better is it having another set of eyes and someone else’s brain focused solely on YOU, 
YOUR Ideas
And your biz

For a solid hour. 

“And why the fuck should it be yours Amee?”

Ok, I’m not going into my entire life story but basically, it is 100% my idea of a great time to keep on top of what’s happening, why it’s happening and how it’s happening, both in the business AND life/mindset space.

I research shit in my spare time, for fun.

Then, and this is where it gets good,
I apply it and watch it work.
And if it doesn’t?
I keep researching and learning and applying until it does. 

There was also that one time that I had an idea

Executed it with only $200 and an iPad and turned it into $15k in a week,

Then casually doubled that number AGAIN, 3 months later.

Caring full time for a small child.

On my own. 

So um yeah.
I trust that brief summary sufficiently answers your question.

Keep reading friend,

WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU EXACTLY is ready and waiting below.

But don’t just take my word for it…


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You have this way of seeing things from another perspective and you help to work other people out. As in if there’s something holding them back you can spot it a mile away before the person has any idea something is wrong.
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I’m a walking talking testimonial for what YOU can do personally and with your biz with Amee Fucking Triscari in your life. My business and me, I’ve changed a lot. I’m way more confident, and it’s no secret that it’s because of Amee She has this superpower of pulling the magic out of you that you don’t even know you have or that you’re capable of. Amee is fucking smart, she knows her shit when it comes to marketing and business but more importantly it’s her ability to bring out the best in you that’s where the magic happens.
Ange @the_a_life
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I booked a call with Amee hoping to get some guidance on how to launch my online membership & hot damn I did not realise how much value it’s possible to pack in to one hour!! She literally did not hold back & gave me everything I needed to feel confident launching. No BS, every secret to launching I wanted to know she gave it to me step by step. I was also blown away by the mindset tools she helped me work through. I couldn’t recommend a session with Amee highly enough! Thanks to her I have never felt more confident to show up and follow through with what I offer.
Ruth @ruthgspeaks
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I was always impressed by Amee's ability to be 100% herself on Insta stories and posts. Authenticity is lacking in social media so when I see someone being unapologetically who they are, I follow! I was struggling a bit in my business, trying to get people to my events with not much success, so when I saw Amee advertising to put a "rocket up my arse" and get me fired up about my business again, I signed up. And boy, did she deliver! In 90 minutes she helped me get clear about what I wanted, come up with a plan of the steps to take next and how to do them. I was also so fired up that I got to work right away. With Amee's support, I am now selling out my events. Thanks Amee. Your no bullshit approach is refreshing and powerful! Grateful for you <3
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It was like I was given permission to find what actually works for ME and my family and to prioritise that! But not just the permission, like an actual game-plan and then it was just over to me to be disciplined in following it Amee cuts through the crap and get's to the "this is how", she is super motivating and empowering and motivated by FUN. I jumped off the call feeling super clear and everything felt lighter. Amee is the kick in the dick you need to get clear and create a strategy to create change! Breathe of fresh and fun air, legend!
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Your energy is one I always need to listen to! Even if it’s not what i want to hear… I need it haha After your masterclass shit just started to make sense really quickly. And it’s funny because I invested in a 5k mastermind earlier this year and I got more awakening through you and Tahryn. It blew my mind! I’m literally where I am now cos of you guys.
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Amee silences the “what ifs” and replaces the “I can’ts” with “I fucking will”. She’s the confidence you need but aren’t quite sure where to find it. She’s all your messy, swirling thoughts sorted out and filed into “you shaped boxes”. And above all, she’s the person who is going to get you out of your own way and help you forget all your bullshit excuses for not living the life you want.
Jaye@ luxecopy_
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I booked a strategy session with Amee because I KNEW she was going to be the kick in the ass I needed. I booked my appointment the day before I scheduled it for and challenged her to come up with something no one’s ever done in my industry. to say she nailed it is a fricken understatement. I left feeling like I knew exactly what direction to head and how to get there. the personal pep talks were a plus 💖 I’d 100% recommend Amee (and have) to anyone who wants to sound board ideas off (when she says she can pull out exactly what she needs from you and transform it - she TOTALLY can!) and commit to living a life they love 💖


Bring me your idea and let’s turn it into something real

Something you can walk away from our hour and a half sesh together and put into mother fucking action!

Together we will cover things like…

👏 Getting you clear AF on your direction
👏 Lockdown your niche
👏 Identify WHO your audience is and what their pain points are
👏 Plan both quick ways to get income as well as long term, obvs.
👏 What exactly you’ll do
👏 How you’ll market it
👏 How to sell it/package it
👏 What boundaries you’ll put in place so it works in with your life, not taking away from it

OR bring me your goal and together we will create a way to get it happening!

All sessions are $497 for a 90 minute call 

✅ No lock-in contracts
✅ No follow up required
No minimum amount of calls

You’re stuck right now so let’s fucking sort it out
In an 90 min power sesh spent focusing solely on YOU and what is you’re up to.

Good plan?